August 18, 2018

Hi There!

Hi! Hello! Namaste! Welcome to my corner of the internet. Let me introduce myself.

I’m Abhiram. I’m a freelance software engineer and sysadmin who’s really passionate about free and open source software. (I know, big surprise.)

This is probably my third attempt at starting a blog. I have a good feeling about this attempt though!

Who is this blog for?

My blog is mostly aimed at:

  • People who want to dip their toes in the open source software world and learn more about all the cool things going on there.

  • Discussions about free software.

What to expect here?

So, expectations. What kind of content should you expect here?

That’s a real good question.

My content is going to be pretty diverse, but it will mostly revolve around software and things that I feel need more attention. There will also be multi-part software tutorials for software that I really love.

Eventually, I might post some video tutorials for more complicated tech stuff.


Anyway, that’s all for this post! I’ll have my first ‘proper’ post up very soon! Hope you guys stick around to read more!

© Abhiram K 2018